Thursday, January 14, 2010


Writing is something that I’ve enjoyed for a long time but really got into during college. Since then, a short year and a half ago it has gone by the wayside. I still write snippets here and there for work but nothing like I use to. Last year around this time I started this lovely blog, named alphabet soup. Since that time I have updated twice, including my first entry. That is just sad. So this year on January 14th, I have decided once again that I really miss writing.

I chose the name alphabet soup because it’s random. And being random is something that I’m good at. Picture eating some lovely alphabet soup and at times you get some noodles maybe a p, a w, or an e. You just never know and sometimes you get that little chunk of carrot. Well that’s a good representation of my life. I work; sometimes a lot and I really enjoy this part of my life. I also bake, way too much but it’s a huge passion of mine. My latest obsession is yarn, right now I’m crocheting but hopefully I’ll pick up my needles again soon. So there are tons of different subjects that might come across this blog, adding to the randomosity that you will surely see. So beware of the carrot!

If no one reads this, it’s fine. I’m writing because I miss writing, but if you do read it please let me know what you think.