Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Baker's Dozen

Along with my goal of writing more, I would also like to read more. I use to read at least a book a week when I was in high school. I’m not sure why I had all that time to read then but now I have a hard time forcing myself to read at all. Like last night I went to lay down with my current book and didn’t even open it.

This year I have set a very attainable goal. I’m going to read a baker’s dozen of books, just over 1 a month. Hopefully, this is a goal that I can complete and strive for more beyond this year.

So far this year I have completed one book, The Visitation by Frank Peretti. A friend of mine leant it to me a while ago but I just finished it.

It was great; one of those books where I tell myself I’m just going to finish the chapter then I’m going to bed. Yet, I would find myself in the middle of the chapter before I knew it. That is why a long time ago I learned to use a post-it note as a bookmark. The ends of chapters always entice me to keep reading so when I find my answer that I had to keep reading for I can mark the line where I stopped with my post-it. Pretty ingenious I think.

Anyway, this book is about recognizing when Jesus comes to town. A man who does miraculous things shows up in a small town quickly gaining a following and it’s everyone’s choice to make this man their savior or to know what he really is. The main character of the book is Travis, a fallen pastor, who is seeking to find the truth with the help of the new pastor of his old congregation. Throughout the book you get to see a lot of Travis’ spiritual development throughout his life and why the new man in town doesn’t fool him even when Travis is purposely shying away from religion.

Like I said this book was hard to put down. It’s a good read that I can see myself reading again sometime. Currently, I’m attempting to read The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis, which I’m sure I’ll have an even harder time explaining than The Visitation.