Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Present for Grandma

Miles away or right next door
Good thing my love reaches near and far.

This poster wasn't really Do-it all by myself. I Justin, my husband, found pictures from Bing maps of all the places where my Grandma's family live. On the bottom of each picture Justin added a banner with the family name. Since some people live "right next door" it was easy to fit everyone in four different maps. The saying, while not stunning or exciting, is all my own. I hand wrote "Miles away or right next door" above the four pictures and "Good thing my love reaches near and far" along the bottom.

The frame and mat, I bought at Hobby Lobby. The mat was custom so it cost around $15 and the frame was 40% off bringing it to about $12. I'm really wishing I ever kept my receipts right about now. It all came together really easy and I think my Grandma loved her birthday present. The only remark people had was to add a marker pinpointing the place on the map where each family lives. I wish I would have added little hearts to the maps to mark the households.