Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lazy Day Pancakes

Today has been the break I've been needing. We didn't have to work, and we have spent the day chatting, vegging and watching some TV. My kind of day. We're actually settling in for a little more Warehouse 13, one of my new favorite shows.

To start off our day we made pancakes. Pancakes are our usual Saturday morning breakfast brunch choice. Since today was lazy day we had pancakes. These weren't normal pancakes; they were pecan cinnamon roll pancakes! I saw the idea on Pinterest, my favorite addiction. I love it when I make things from Pinterest.

These were delicious. I'm not one to really use recipes so these are more just go with it kind of instructions. I used a mix for the pancake batter and stirred in a handful of chopped pecans. In a bowl on the side, mix together melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Once your griddle is hot with water dancing across it. If you've ever made pancakes in your life, I think you know what I mean. Pour on your batter, whatever size pancakes you want, then pour the sugar mixture in a spiral onto the pancakes. Once they've cooked for a few minutes flip and finish cooking the other side. Amazing!